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2019 / 2020


Fall Tour 2019

In cooperation with EMMECI


Line up:
Victor Wooten - el. bass/vocals
Regi "the teacher" Wooten - guitar/vocals
Roy "futureman" Wooten - drums/vocals
Joseph "the hands of soul" Wooten - keyboards/vocals



Victor and his brothers back on tour in EU for Fall 2019.

A legendary family for a legendary line up. A concert which can't be missed!







Line up:

Corey Harris - guitar/vocals


Corey Harris is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and band leader who has carved out his own niche in blues. A powerful singer and accomplished guitarist, he has appeared at venues throughout the North America, Europe, Brazil, The Caribbean, West Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
He began his career as a New Orleans street singer, travelling throughout the southern U.S. In his early twenties he lived in Cameroon, West Africa for a year, which had a profound effect on his later work. He has recorded many old songs of the blues tradition while also creating an original vision of the blues by adding influences from reggae, soul, rock and West African music. His 1995 recording, Between Midnight and Day, is a tribute to the tradition of acoustic blues. Subsequent recordings, such as Greens From the Garden (1999), Mississippi to Mali (2003), and Daily Bread (2005) show Harris’ maturation from interpreter to songwriter. Some of his imaginative compositions are marked by a deliberate eclecticism; other works stay true to the traditional blues formula of compelling vocals and down-home guitar. With one foot in tradition and the other in contemporary experimentation, Harris is a truly unique voice in contemporary music. He has performed, recorded, and toured with many of the top names in music such as BB King, Taj Mahal, Buddy Guy, R.L.Burnside, Ali Farka Toure, Dave Matthews Band, Tracy Chapman, Olu Dara, Wilco, and others. His additional recordings include Fish Ain’t Bitin’ (1996), Vu-Du Menz (with Henry Butler, 2000), Downhome Sophisticate (2002), Zion Crossroads (2007), and blu black (2010).
In 2003 Harris was a featured artist and narrator of the Martin Scorcese film, “Feel Like Going Home,” which traced the evolution of blues from West Africa to the southern U.S.
Available: september/october 2019



Line Up:

Damien Schmitt - drums
Swaeli Mbappe - bass
Tom Ibarra or Yan Nigrit - guitar
Michaël Lecoq - piano/keyboards

Nicholas Vella - piano/keyboards

Dam'nco is the new face of the French JAZZ POP scene.
The compositions, which borrow from different musical styles, are directly inspired by the atmospheres of the neighborhoods of Paris where the members of the band live. Dam'nco is a perfect reflection of what 21st century French multiculturalism is all about.
It's colorful music, that makes you want to sing and dance, punctuated with explosive improvisations.

Dam'nco, created by the world known drummer Damien Schmitt, brings together five of the best French musicians of today, who play a definitely modern, forward-looking brand of jazz, with that very special little extra: the famous French touch!
On March 2018 has been released the 2nd Album "FRENCH TOUCH"

ALL YEAR on request


in cooperation with EMMECI


Line Up:
ABHIJITH P S NAIR - violin                                        
SANDEEP MOHAN - el. guitar

JOE JOHNSON - keyboards
MOHINI DEY - el. bass

Abhijith P S Nair is acclaimed as one of the most outstanding artists in India . He is a well-known music director too and a phenomenon in the field of Indian fusion music and The band features the very popular, amazing, 22 years old bass player Mohini Dey. The video of one Abhijith's and guitarist Sandeep Mohan songs
reachead 12.988.412 people, had 4,1 millions views, 92.059 people shared it and received 65.000 likes/reactions.

Available: APRIL/MAY  + JULY 2020


Fall Tour 2019

In cooperation with EMMECI


Line up:
MIKE STERN - el. guitar
JEFF LORBER - keyboards
JIMMY HASLIP - el. bass
To a generation of contemporary jazz guitar aficionados, Mike Stern is regarded as one of the true guitar greats of his generation.
A player of remarkable facility whose searing lines are informed mainly by bebop and the blues
while also carrying a rock-tinged intensity, Stern made his mark with Miles Davis in the early ‘80s before launching his solo career in 1985.
Since then he has released 17 recordings as a leader, six of which were nominated for GRAMMY® Awards.
His latest, Trip, is his first since recovering from a serious accident in the summer of 2016
that left him with two broken arms and nerve damage in his right hand that prevented him from even holding a pick.
But Stern is back on top of his game, playing with typical authority and prodigious chops on this all-star outing, which features such longstanding colleagues as trumpeters Randy Brecker and Wallace Roney, saxophonists Bob Franceschini and Bill Evans (a bandmate of Mike’s in Miles Davis’ ‘comeback band’ of 1981), bassists Victor Wooten and Tom Kennedy and drummers Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers and Lenny White.
Jeff Lorber Fusion came to life in the 70s when the pianist attended Berklee College of Music. A true clinician, Lorber has made it a point to study the long line of modern jazz pianists since 1945. “Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea have been major influences but I had to go back and try to figure out who they listened to and were inspired by,” says Lorber. “Some of these icons that come to mind are Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, McCoy Tyner and Bud Powell.” He adds, “I also can’t forget all of the pianists who played with Miles Davis such as Red Garland, Wynton Kelly, Tommy Flanagan and Horace Silver.” Growing up in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania offered great inspiration for Jeff Lorber. Lorber scored his first Grammy win for his critically heralded Prototype in 2018.


In cooperation with EMMECI 


Line up:



Doky’s first performed as a young musician in Denmark, but – still in his teens - moved to New York where famed jazz guitarist Mike Stern heard what he could do and wanted that sound in his band. The word spread quickly. Along with Stern, Doky has stood beside names such as Brecker, Scofield, Mendoza, Sakamoto, Sanborn, Gurtu, Camilo and many, many more, each with a different style and approach to a

particular facet of jazz. Doky remains a strong player on the international jazz stage, but years ago his unique solo performances captured the ears and hearts of the pop world. He bolstered his career and earned a rock star aura by appearing in arenas with stars of the pop world. In what might seem a paradox, Doky also captured ears and hearts in the classical universe and has performed in opera houses, with symphony orchestras, ballet companies and opera singers.

Work on the classical side is expressed in the classical tradition seasoned with improvisation; call it, with the spirit of jazz. His voice in the idiom has been compared to the role of a solo cellist, but with the fullbody sound of the acoustic bass as the soloist that broadens the dimensions of an ensemble.

The classical vein is one of the three main outlets for Doky’s creativity. In his New Nordic Jazz project, he gently explores the enigma of a compelling Scandinavian storytelling tradition. Concurrent with that, he fronts The Electric Nomads in what appears to be a 180-degree contrast, as the The Electric Nomads give us their rendering of unbridled, funky jazz with a rock edge. Common for all three is how Doky expresses himself with the bass as the solo instrument with a direct link

to the Danish bass tradition. By bringing his heart and soul into each new challenge, Doky has emerged as the bass soloist of note. And someone did take note: Queen Margrethe II of Denmark knighted Doky in 2010 for his contributions to

the arts, making him a distinguished member of the Royal Order of the Dannebrog. The secret – along with hard work – is his passion for making an emotional and physical experience of the melody he plays. Doky embraces the traditional acoustic bass, cradles the electric and coaxes novel sound from the electric upright he helped Yamaha develop. The allure of Chris Minh Doky is not simply the sound, but the stories he tells us through melody.


AVAILABLE on 2020: JAN 6-12 + FEB 8-29 + MAR 2-5 + MAR 7-15 + MAY 25-31 + JUNE 26-July 3 + JULY 6 -11 + JULY 13-19 




Line up:

Leni Stern - guitar, n'goni, vocals

Mamadou Ba - el. bass
Alioune Faye - sabar/djembe/calabas/vocals

Leni Stern is an unstoppable force of bottomless energy. Her long-time fans know her from a successful jazz career that saw her touring the globe on the stage of every major festival and legendary club with bands that included some of the biggest heavyweights on the scene (Dennis Chambers, Paul Motian, Bill Frisell... to name a few). Everything changed when in 2005 Leni was first invited to perform at the Festival au Desert in Timbuktu, Mali. It was there that she would meet Bassekou Kouyate and his wife Ami Sacko, embraced by their family and their bands, she dove headfirst into the traditions of West African guitar and later the n’goni (African banjo). It was a natural path from jazz, a personal journey to where her playing and the genre all began, a sort of spiritual exploration coupled with devoted study and practice.

In the past 13 years Leni has worked her hardest, forging a new sound that is all her own, composing, studying, practicing, with the rhythms and tonalities of West Africa through the chops of an accomplished jazz guitarist. It is finally, with ‘3’, that her most authentic voice can be experienced. Joined by her regular NYC-based trio of Mamadou Ba and Alioune Faye, Leni’s compositions pay humble homage to the drum patterns of traditional Senegalese folk songs. What emerges is a new repertoire of cross-pollinated ideas and reverence to jazz, to blues, to Africa, to a folk music of today’s diaspora.


Available: end of march / april / beginning of May 2020


In cooperation with EMMECI

Line up:

OYTUN ERSAN - el. bass
MITCH FORMAN - keyboards



Oytun Ersan is a Turkish Cypriot bassist, composer, recording artist and a member of the Recording Academy. He is best known for his soulful grooves, technique and melodic Jazz Fusion compositions. Oytun holds a degree in Music and a Masters Degree in Special Education. At the early age of 15, he joined the International Nicosia Municipality Orchestra as a saxophone and later as a bass player, making him the youngest professional musician to join an internationally recognised orchestra in Cyprus island. His passion for music lead Oytun to attended an Instrumental Conducting Course Masterclass run by the world famous conductor Prof. Peter Start from the Royal College of Music in July 2014. 

Oytun is currently referred to as ‘‘the rising star of the bass community’’. He is among the featured artists of Fodera Guitars and an official artist endorser for Aguilar Amplification, Gruv Gear and Elixir Strings. Throughout his career, Oytun has performed, recorded and collaborated with a range of acclaimed artists including Dave Weckl, Eric Marienthal, Mike Miller, Dean Brown, Wycliffe Gordon, Rex Richardson, Bob Franceschini, Louie Palmer, Mitch Forman, Brandon Fields, Cliff Almond and many others. He has performed at prestigious events, jazz festivals and venues around the world including Leverkusener Jazztage, Aalener Jazz Festival, Ingolstadt Jazztage, the Baked Potato Jazz Club, Nublu Jazz Club. Oytun recorded bass for many Jazz, Funk, Fusion, R&B and Rock albums till date. 

Oytun Ersan is the leader of Oytun Ersan All Stars band which was formed in early 2019. The band has performed a sold-out show at the Bass Bash event which features ''world's greatest bass players and their bands'' and more recently at the legendary Baked Potato Jazz Club in Los Angeles, California. The band - consisting of Oytun Ersan on bass, Mitch Forman on keys, Bob Franceschibi on saxophone and Louie Palmer on drums - will be touring Europe in Spring 2020.

Oytun and his band released Fusiolicious in April 2018. The album, produced by fellow bassist Ric Fierabracci, features an impressive, all-star cast including Dave Weckl, Eric Marienthal, Gary Husband, Gerry Etkins, Dean Brown, Brett Garsed, Mike Miller, Mitch Forman and Karen Briggs. Fusiolicious was suggested for the 60th Grammy Awards in 6 different categories. The album made it to Amazon best-selling Jazz Albums Chart, NACC Radio Charts, JazzWeek Charts and was featured by All About Jazz as one of the ''Best Jazz Albums''. Fusiolicious was also featured in Jazziz Magazine’s CD - Jazziz on Disc and was reviewed by and appeared in Bass Musician Magazine, Jazziz Magazine, Jazz Times Magazine, Bass Guitar Magazine, Downbeat Magazine and many others. Oytun currently resides in Cyprus and travels internationally for exhibitions, festival performances and gigs.



AVAILABLE:  end of APRIL / MAY 2020



In cooperation with EMMECI

Line up:

MIKE STERN - el. guitar
JAN GUNNAR HOFF - piano / keyboards
PER MATHISEN - el. bass
AUDUN KLEIVE - drums     

Downbeat: “Hoff ́s album with Stern ́s formidable help, organically crosses over eras and transatlantic aesthetics, bridging a division in fusion»





In cooperation with EMMECI


Line up:

Dennis Chambers - drums
Ulf Wakenius - guitar
Gary Grainger - bass
Haakon Graf - keyboards


A jazz/fusion/funk mix for the reunion of an historical band of the '90s. 



Available: from 16 JULY 2020 onward


European booking

Except: Belgium, France

Line up:

Rosa Brunello - double bass, el. bass, electronics, synth, vocal

Michele Polga - Sax tenore, electronics

Frank Martino - guitar, electronics

Luca Colussi - drums


Bassist Rosa Brunello is a rising star of modern jazz. Her third CAM JAZZ release is a supremely confident set of modern themes, with instrumental skill augmented with electricity and effects, greatly expanding the music’s colour palette and textures. On Shuffle Mode, Brunello’s regular group Los Fermentos consists of saxophonist Michele Polga, guitarist Frank Martino, and still with the group, drummer Luca Colussi.

Together, and with the collusion of a bag of electronic effects, they create music that is

alert, contemporary and packed with unexpected twists and turns. Modern jazz has never been short of highly creative bass players who are also leaders, and Brunello belongs confidently to that tradition, driving the music from the centre, shaping it and bringing to it a joyous energy that is already the unifying characteristic of all her work so far.

Minor artists switch styles every time they enter a studio. Major artists tend to have one big idea and spend many years working out its many implications. Rosa Brunello belongs squarely in the second category, a young artist with a distinctive vision and the determination to make it real.


Available all year on request

Electro Deluxe (USA/FRANCE)



ELECTRO DELUXE è un lupo con vestiti da pecora ma pronto ad uccidere. La loro musica si è uno straordinario e "sporco" melange di organic, groove heavy Jazz, Funk. Con il talento di mescolare generi diversi, hanno goduto di grandisimo successo di critica che commerciale nel loro paese d'origine in Francia con ciascuno dei loro ultimi 4 album che si trovano al primo posto nelle jazz charts e raggiungono i primi 10 nelle pop charts d'oltralpe. Famosi per le loro performance elettriche live, hanno suonato nei più prestigiosi club e festivals di Jazz & Pop in Europa dal 2001 ad oggi.
Il loro ultimo album indipendente "CIRCLE", cattura il suono notevole, e soprattutto l'anima di ELECTRO DELUXE.


Available ALL YEAR on request


European booking

Except France, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg

Line up: Felicien Bouchot : trompette
                Julien Chignier : sax
                Romain Nassini : claviers
                 Riad Klai : guitare
                 Etienne Kermarc : basse
                 Wendlavim Zabsonre : batterie
                 David Doris : percussions, chant

Supergombo it's an afro/funk project which mix the afro funk/beat sound of Fela Kuti with the jazz fusion style of Joe Zawinul & Syndicate
Energy and groove will make you dancing all the concert!

available: ALL YEAR on request



in cooperation with Musicastrada

European booking

Except Spain, Portugal, Holland

(Solo) > Frankie Chavez
 vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, weissenborn, portuguese guitar 
(Duo) > Frankie Chavez vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, weissenborn, portuguese guitar

Joao Correia drums

(4tet) > Frankie Chavez vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, weissenborn, portuguese guitar
Donovan Bettencourt bass
Paulo Borges keyboards
Joao Correia drums
Frankie Chavez’s music, surfer and rocker from Lisbon (Portugal), is a mix between different types of sounds, reflecting all the musical influences he encountered while traveling the world.
The result is a kind of Blues/Folk, with atmospheres ranging from clean to rough or psychedelic. Though it’s easy to recognize different musical influences it’s hard to define his music in a single word.
But we can say for sure that it sounds like rock, folk, blues and surf with a portuguese soul!
FRANKIE CHAVEZ is an artist with whom everyone is in agreement, everybody speaks well about him, even the reviewers. He fascinates the audience during his perfomance, without being catalogued or labelled


in cooperation with Musicastrada

European booking

Except Norway


Line Up: Ivan Mazuze - sax
                   Jacob Young or Bjørn Vidal Solli - guitar
                   Per Mathisen - bass
                   Raciel Torres - drums


The multi-awarded Norway’s based saxophonist and composer, Ivan Mazuze has recorded with acclaimed international artists and has performed at world stage festivals and venues. With its Ivan Mazuze Mazuze Quintet presents World Jazz of its best. 
“Mazuze uses the strong earthy and funky in the African beat with Africa clear with major / minor tonality.
But then pops up anyway quite familiar world, the Nordic tone”… Peter Rahbek, Jazzspecial Magazine, Denmark

“This is the world of jazz and world-class jazz.
The names may be unfamiliar, but this is the musical greats throughout heard behind Ivan Mazuze and his amazing and interesting saxophone playing.
It is music that speaks, music that is not quite like what
we are used to, but also no wonder. Ivan Mazuze is an exciting musician and (his latest album) Ubuntu feels like a cannonball”... Lennart Götesson, Dalademokraten, Sweden

“Ivan has the confidence of a runner who can go at top speed if necessary but who knows the value of superb phrasing and tone”.
Anya Wassenberg, Arts and Culture Maven – Canada

“This is the third album that he has recorded and reveals
a talented composer and multi-instrumentalist playing at the top of his game”.... Chris Baber, Jazz Views




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