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                          VICTOR WOOTEN Trio

feat. Dennis Chambers, Bob Franceschini


European booking

In cooperation with EMMECI


Line up: 

Victor Wooten - el. bass/midi bass/vocal

Dennis Chambers - drums

Boib Franceschini - Sax tenore, Sax soprano, flute



Five-time Grammy Award-Winning Bass Player, Victor Wooten is back again on tour in EU with his trio to present the album TRYPNOTIX.

Available from 1st to 16th NOVEMBER 2019



Euroepan booking

Except France


Line Up: Damien Schmitt - drums
             Swaeli Mbappe - bass
             Tom Ibarra - guitar
             Michaël Lecoq - piano/keyboards

             Nicholas Vella - piano/keyboards

Dam'nco is the new face of the French JAZZ POP scene.
The compositions, which borrow from different musical styles, are directly inspired by the atmospheres of the neighborhoods of Paris where the members of the band live. Dam'nco is a perfect reflection of what 21st century French multiculturalism is all about.
It's colorful music, that makes you want to sing and dance, punctuated with explosive improvisations.

Dam'nco, created by the world known drummer Damien Schmitt, brings together five of the best French musicians of today, who play a definitely modern, forward-looking brand of jazz, with that very special little extra: the famous French touch!
On March 2018 has been released the 2nd Album "FRENCH TOUCH"

available on tour: 
end of APRIL / MAY 2019

All year on request 


feat. Tom Kennedy, Bob Franceschini

European booking

In cooperation with Emmeci


Line up:

Mike Stern - el. guitar/vocal

Dave Weckl - drums

Tom Kennedy - el. bass

Bob ranceschini - sax 


One of the most esteemed electric guitarists of his generation, Mike Stern has distinguished himself over a four-decade career that has encompassed musical partnerships with Blood, Sweat & Tears, Billy Cobham, Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, the Brecker Brothers and Joe Henderson, as well as 16 recordings as a leader (six of which were nominated for GRAMMY® Awards). 
An electrifying soloist whose blistering chops combine rock-fusion firepower with sophisticated jazz harmonies and his inherently bluesy string bending prowess, Stern has the ability to instantly elevate the proceedings on any gig or session he plays by channeling the spirits of his own personal guitar heroes Jimi Hendrix, Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall and Albert King.


For more than 35 years, Dave Weckl has developed and maintained a reputation among fans, peers, and the international music community, as one of the great living drummers. His contributions to iconic music, music education, and the gear that drummers use, are many. "Modern drummer" magazine has inducted Weckl into their Hall of Fame (2000) and named him "one of the 25 best drummers of all time". These honors, in addiction to many more bestowed by the music community, are product of Weckl's commitment to excellence. His dynamic and diverse drumming, which has inspired musicians worldwide, is built on a foundation of knowledge and passion.


Available: until April 19 2019



European booking

in cooperation with EMMECI


Line Up:
ABHIJITH P S NAIR - violin                                        
SANDEEP MOHAN - el. guitar

JOE JOHNSON - keyboards
MOHINI DEY - el. bass

Abhijith P S Nair is acclaimed as one of the most outstanding artists in India . He is a well-known music director too and a phenomenon in the field of Indian fusion music and The band features the very popular, amazing, 22 years old bass player Mohini Dey. The video of one Abhijith's and guitarist Sandeep Mohan songs
reachead 12.988.412 people, had 4,1 millions views, 92.059 people shared it and received 65.000 likes/reactions.

Available: April/May + Summer 2019

BRIAN BROMBERG'S Unapologetically Funky Band

European booking

In cooperation with Emmeci


Line up:

Brian Bromberg - basses

Heverette Harp or Gary Meek - sax

Tom Zink - keyboards

Ray Fuller - el. guitar

Tony Moore or Marcus Finny - drums


New Funk CD "Thicker Than Water" has been released on Mack Avenue/artistry Music Records and the single "Coupe De Ville" went to # 1 on the Billboard Smooth funky and contemporary Jazz Charts in the US.


Available Summer 2019


European booking

Except: Belgium

Line up:

Rosa Brunello - double bass, el. bass, electronics, synth, vocal

Michele Polga - Sax tenore, electronics

Frank Martino - guitar, electronics

Luca Colussi - drums

The unexpected sounds, images, scenes that enrich each new production of Rosa Brunello always bring the ability to enjoy nature and art. The spiral research for sound does not aim to change, on the contrary, it is to avoid moving away from beautiful things, from blue skies, clouds and dew.With the release of her first recording work Camarones a la plancha (Zone di Musica, 2012), a prevalent interest in melody is immediately outlined, a lyric that brings back to the warm colors of the Mediterranean. In 2015 she founded Los Fermentos, a project that sees various musicians over the years, but always with the common denominator the attention to sound, whether acoustic or electronic, the desire to create a group with a strong identity, an impact sound defined and compact. In 2016 she released Upright Tales with the international label Cam Jazz. The quartet with David Boato on trumpet, Filippo Vignato on  trombone, Luca Colussi on drums allows the music to unfold with agility and freedom, highlighting a conception of dialogic filigree in continuous movement. After almost two years living between Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam, Rosa wrote new compositions for her third album Volverse – Live in Trieste (Cam Jazz 2018), born from an urgent need of freedom, a need to break down the barriers between composition and free improvisation, written and interplay, in order to freely travel in that space created by the Music, to search the creative inspiration. Volverse – Live in Trieste, recorded live after an intense tour of concerts around Europe, sees confirmed the brass-no-harmonic-instrument-quartet with Alessandro Presti on trumpet and the addition of electronics. With Shuffle Mode, coming out for Cam Jazz on February 15, 2019, Los Fermentos are now Michele Polga on tenor sax and electronics, Frank Martino on guitar and electronics, Luca Colussi on drums and Rosa on doublebass, electric bass, synth and vocals. It’s a quartet with acoustic, electric and electronic sounds, a project that goes beyond the boundaries of genres, whose goal is the interweaving of jazz, rock, dub, electronic and free improvisation, confirming the meaning of a music without boundaries.


Available all year on request

Electro Deluxe (USA/FRANCE)



ELECTRO DELUXE è un lupo con vestiti da pecora ma pronto ad uccidere. La loro musica si è uno straordinario e "sporco" melange di organic, groove heavy Jazz, Funk. Con il talento di mescolare generi diversi, hanno goduto di grandisimo successo di critica che commerciale nel loro paese d'origine in Francia con ciascuno dei loro ultimi 4 album che si trovano al primo posto nelle jazz charts e raggiungono i primi 10 nelle pop charts d'oltralpe. Famosi per le loro performance elettriche live, hanno suonato nei più prestigiosi club e festivals di Jazz & Pop in Europa dal 2001 ad oggi.
Il loro ultimo album indipendente "CIRCLE", cattura il suono notevole, e soprattutto l'anima di ELECTRO DELUXE.


Available ALL YEAR on request


European booking

Except France, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg

Line up: Felicien Bouchot : trompette
                Julien Chignier : sax
                Romain Nassini : claviers
                 Riad Klai : guitare
                 Etienne Kermarc : basse
                 Wendlavim Zabsonre : batterie
                 David Doris : percussions, chant

Supergombo it's an afro/funk project which mix the afro funk/beat sound of Fela Kuti with the jazz fusion style of Joe Zawinul & Syndicate
Energy and groove will make you dancing all the concert!

available: ALL YEAR on request



in cooperation with Musicastrada

European booking

Except Spain, Portugal, Holland

Frankie Chavez’s music, surfer and rocker from Lisbon (Portugal),  is a mix between different types of sounds, reflecting all the musical influences he encountered while traveling the world. The result is a kind of Blues/Folk, with atmospheres ranging from clean to rough or psychedelic. Though it’s easy to recognize different musical influences it’s hard to define his music in a single word.
But we can say for sure that it sounds like rock, folk, blues and surf with a portuguese soul
FRANKIE CHAVEZ is an artist with whom everyone is in agreement, everybody speaks well about him, even the reviewers. He fascinates the audience during his perfomance, without being catalogued or labelled


in cooperation with Musicastrada

European booking

Except Norway


Line Up: Ivan Mazuze - sax
                   Jacob Young or Bjørn Vidal Solli - guitar
                   Per Mathisen - bass
                   Raciel Torres - drums


The multi-awarded Norway’s based saxophonist and composer, Ivan Mazuze has recorded with acclaimed international artists and has performed at world stage festivals and venues. With its Ivan Mazuze Mazuze Quintet presents World Jazz of its best. 
“Mazuze uses the strong earthy and funky in the African beat with Africa clear with major / minor tonality.
But then pops up anyway quite familiar world, the Nordic tone”… Peter Rahbek, Jazzspecial Magazine, Denmark

“This is the world of jazz and world-class jazz.
The names may be unfamiliar, but this is the musical greats throughout heard behind Ivan Mazuze and his amazing and interesting saxophone playing.
It is music that speaks, music that is not quite like what
we are used to, but also no wonder. Ivan Mazuze is an exciting musician and (his latest album) Ubuntu feels like a cannonball”... Lennart Götesson, Dalademokraten, Sweden

“Ivan has the confidence of a runner who can go at top speed if necessary but who knows the value of superb phrasing and tone”.
Anya Wassenberg, Arts and Culture Maven – Canada

“This is the third album that he has recorded and reveals
a talented composer and multi-instrumentalist playing at the top of his game”.... Chris Baber, Jazz Views




Baro Drom Orkestar

in cooperation with Musicastrada

European booking

Except France, Germany


Line up: Vieri Bugli - Violin & effects

                  Modestino Musico - Accordion

                  Michele Staino - Electric Double Bass

                  Gabriele Pozzolini - Drums and Tamburelli

Baro Drom Orkestar is an exposive and exciting group coming from Florence (Italy) that combines traditin and innovation in the so-called "Power Gypsy Dance". They mix klezmer, armenian, balkanian music and pizzica from Salento (Apulia) with an unconventional ensemble: electric violin with effects, accordion, electric double-bass and modified drums. Most of songs are original compositions and even the traditional tunes are re-arranged with their typical "power-world-dance" sound, Italian temperament, passion and hot rythm... World music with a rock attitude.

The last album is called “GENAU!” and it has been produced by the label Musicastrada Records and distribuited in all Europe by Agualoca Records. “GENAU!” (that in German means “right” or “exactly”) is an an explosive mix of original tunes with a lot of inspirations, from Eastern/Middle European Gipsy to the Mediterranean music, to make everybody dance from the first to the last song. 
During the last 5 years they have played more than 500 live sets and sold more than 5,500 records. They attended the most important festivals and clubs in Europe.


Available: ALL YEAR on request

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