New Nordic Jazz

In collaboration with EMMECI srl

European booking except: DENMARK

Chris Minh Doky heads New Nordic Jazz as they explore the enigma of Nordic storytelling through the sounds of acoustic jazz. His own style of acoustic bass playing is the voice you’ll hear as the tales unfold in lush melodies and solos. 

Line up:

Chris Minh Doky - acoustic bass

Peter Rosendal - piano

Jonas Johansen - drums

Available: ALL YEAR on request


In cooperation with EMMECI srl

European booking except: DENMARK

Line up

Chris Minh Doky - el. bass

Mino Cinelu - drums / percussions

Gary Husband - keyboard / drums 

To describe this trio as an all-star band, would be an understatement. Outside of all being acclaimed soloists and instrumentalists, the combined star power of which these musicians for decades have recorded and toured with - makes it more likely than not, that you already have several albums with them on your playlist. Chris Minh Doky, Mino Cinélu and Gary Husband are now combining their creativity in a new trio exploring the sounds and colors of their combined heritages and shared experiences in music and life. Warm, open and playful interplay is their vehicle in the realm of jazz, pop, folk, world or beyond. With this trio you will experience, through music, that we are all one human race.

Available: mid March / mid April 2022

In cooperation with EMMECI srl - 
Except France
*In cooperation with OCLOCK Productions - 
for: Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, Spain, Poland, Portugal

Line up:

Sekou Kouyate - vocal/Kora

Etienne Kermarc - el bass
Wendlavim Zabsonré - drums

Born in Guinea and known as the master of the Kora which he makes resonate in a modern way, 
Sékou Kouyaté expresses his art through this traditional instrument. 
At twelve, he adapted his kora by electrifying it and experimenting with fast riffs and distortions, inspired by funk and jazz.
Offering an instant, spontaneous and vibrant creation, imbued with the Mandingo sounds of the Kora and all the influences 
of these three heterogeneous musicians with rich backgrounds of encounters.The multi-awarded Kouyate's music is rooted in his West African traditions and influenced by the contemporary Blues, Soul, Funk and Jazz, that has also been his early inspirations. Sekou Kouyate solo album SABARU, One World Records 2015, won the GOLD MEDAL GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS 2015,
and was selected for 'World Music Charts Europe Best 100 Albums 2016.

Available: all year on request


Una produzione Enzo Productions


booking in collaborazione con EMMECI srl

Per il loro sesto album, Electro Deluxe si avventura in un territorio sconosciuto, a metà tra il groove organico e le emozioni digitali.

Giocando con i confini stilistici, il nuovo album «APOLLO» ci porta verso grandi spazi, verso un nuovo universo musicale.

Come se il groove degli anni '70 incontrasse il pop elettrico francese di oggi. Il suono unico del gruppo è arricchito dalla ricchezza delle tastiere leggendarie come Juno e il Moog così preziose per Eurythmics e Syevie Wonder, il mitico box ritmico Linndrum dagli inizi di Prince incontra il talk-box di Roger Troutman, il vocoder dei Daft Punk dialoga con il Fender Rhodes di Herbie Hancok.

Dopo 20 anni di esistenza e concerti in tutto il mondo, Electro Deluxe ha voluto esplorare nuovi territori musicali gettando ponti tra la produzione musicale di ieri e i suoni di oggi.

Disponibile: a richiesta


In cooperation with EMMECI srl

Line Up:

Rycko- lead vocal

Damien Schmitt - drums
Swaeli Mbappe - bass
Yann Negrit - guitar
Michaël Lecoq - piano/keyboards

Nicholas Vella - piano/keyboards

Dam'nco is the new face of the French JAZZ POP scene.
The compositions, which borrow from different musical styles, are directly inspired by the atmospheres of the neighborhoods of Paris where the members of the band live. Dam'nco is a perfect reflection of what 21st century French multiculturalism is all about.
It's colorful music, that makes you want to sing and dance, punctuated with explosive improvisations.
Dam'nco, created by the world known drummer Damien Schmitt, brings together five of the best French musicians of today, who play a definitely modern, forward-looking brand of jazz, with that very special little extra: the famous French touch!
On March 2018 has been released the 2nd Album "FRENCH TOUCH"

available: ALL YEAR on request


In cooperation with Emmeci srl

European booking except France

Line up:

Tom Ibarra - guitar & compositions

Lilian Mille - trumpet

Jeff Mercadié - tenor sax

Auxane Cartigny - keyboards

Noé Berne - bass

Tao Ehrlich - drums

Tom Ibarra is a young composer and guitarist of Jazz Funk Rock with instrumental pop influences, born in October 1999.

Noticed at a very young age for his virtuosity and his rich and dynamic compositions, but also for his melodic lines that hold back, he is programmed in national and international festivals and sometimes shares the stage alongside internationally renowned artists such as Didier Lockwood and Sylvain Luc in 2015, Marcus Miller in 2016, Didier Lockwood and Thomas Enhco in 2017 or Richard Bona in showcase at NAMM 2017 in Los Angeles.

Tom was also one of the youngest endorsed by the prestigious brands Ibanez Guitars and DV Mark Amp. He collaborates regularly with Ibanez by composing the music of the videos on which he promotes new models of guitar.

He is the holder of numerous prizes such as the SACEM Young Talent Award 2013 and 2014, the Jazzophare 2015 Special Jury Prizethe Jeune Espoir Action Jazz Prize in 2016, several Rives Awards and the Oloron-Sainte-Marie Notes in 2017.  At the end of 2017, he became the first winner of the prestigious PrixOne Rising Stars Jazz Award, awarded by an international jury including Jamie Cullum, Brian Bacchus, Mikhail Fridman, Karen Frivik and Sebastien Vidal.

In 2015 Tom released his first CD entitled "15". This album received a great success, and on January 2018 he released the second album entitled SPARKLING.

Available ALL YEAR on request


In cooperation with EMMECI srl

Line up:
Dean Brown - el. guitar
Dennis Chambers - drums
Victor Wooten - el. bass
Eric Marienthal - sax

Dean Brown's music knows no barriers by combining Rock, Latin, Funk, Jazz and Fusion to create a fun, dynamic and intense groove. Dean is well known in the world of jazz / fusion music for his powerful virtuosity and the energy he impresses on every note. In this project he is accompanied by three living legends such as Dennis Chambers, Eric Marienthal and Victor Wooten.

Available: 1 - 15 April 2022



In cooperation with Emmeci srl

Line up:

Dave Weckl - drums

Tom Kennedy - bass

Bob Franceschini - sax

Stu Mindeman- keyboards

The new album of Tom Kennedy "Stories" just released and mixed by Dave Weckl for an high energy, electric jazz/fusion group.

Available: April/May 2022

In cooperation with EMMECI srl - 
Except: Austria, Germany, Switzerland 
Line up: Mike Stern - el. guitar/vocals 
Bill Evans- sax/vocals 
Gary Grainger- el. bass 
Dennis Chambers - drums  
Available: May 2022 



EMMECI srl -

Except: France, UK

line up:

Sydney Ward - guitar/vocal

Chris Pierce - harp/vocal

Jared Faber - el. bass

Paul Allen - drums 

Sunny War and Chris Pierce first met at mutual friend, producer/musician Jared Faber’s Silver Lake studio for a meet and greet and out of that meeting was born “Any Day Now”, the first song written and recorded by the collective.  They all felt so inspired by the luck of their first encounter that they tried to repeat see if lightning could indeed strike twice. Each time they got together they wrote and recorded what would ultimately become their debut EP, the self titled “War & Pierce”.  
Since, they have also released their highly anticipated follow up singles "On & On” and “Amen”.  
They are currently finishing up writing and recording a full album.

Available: Summer 2022

Modern Standard Supergroup
In collaborazione con EMMECI srl - 
Line up:
RANDY BRECKER - trumpet 
Available: Estate 2022